About us

Terry Epps and Jimmy Mosier 



Terry Epps (Co-Owner/ Mechanic)


When Terry was a little boy he would take apart his bicycles and put them back together he says that is when he decided that he wanted to be a mechanic, Terry is a devoted family man and loves to spend time with them. Outside of work he can be found on the lake camping.


Jimmy Mosier (Co-owner/Mechanic)


Jimmy started his career when he was just 14 years old. He is also a devoted family man who loves camping and NHRA drag racing. Like Terry when he isn’t at work he can be found on the lake with his camper.




Jean Epps (Bookkeeper)

Jean is Terry’s wife. She worked for a local hospital for years before deciding that she would work for the company. Her position is bookkeeper, collections or anything that has to do with the financial side of the company.




Crystal Jordan (Front Counter)

Crystal is Jimmy’s youngest daughter. She has been around cars most of her life and enjoys helping people find the work or parts they may need. She has a love for older cars and dreams of one day owning a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. When she is not a work she enjoys spending time with her husband at the drag strip and working on his 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS.




David Legra (Shop Foreman)

Dave started his career when he was a little boy, he would climb in the engine compartment of his fathers truck and change the water pump. Dave has been a mechanic for 16 years and has an uncanny knowledge of electrical systems.




Joe Ashburn (Bucket Trucks)

Joe started out racing dirt track cars at the age of 16, but even before then he was tinkering with cars. As Joe got older the motors got bigger and his experience with motors got wider in range, as did his encounters with numerous car issues. Joe is also the big company cut-up.




Jonathan McHugh

Jonathan is not a man of many words but when it comes to tires he is a tire changing genius. If you want to see something neat watch Jonathan while he changes a big truck tire.




Company History

We were founded on May 1st 1997 by Terry Epps. Terry started out repairing Airborne Express trucks and airport ground equipment in a one bay garage. That first year only having a one bay garage was a struggle for Terry so the next year he decided to move to a four bay garage down the road from the Chattanooga Airport. Through the second year there were some struggles but with God’s help and the help of Terry’s wife Jean the bills were getting paid.

In 2006 Terry decided to search for a partner that he could trust and could help him build the business bigger. After a lot of prayer, the person turned out to be sitting behind him in church, Jimmy Mosier and his wife Polly where the people they knew that they could trust with the business. Jimmy knew in his heart that this was something that he had always dreamed about so like Terry he took it to the Lord in prayer and then brought the decision before his family, with their blessing on April 16 2007 Jimmy became the other half of Truck and Ground Equipment Maintenance, LLC .

During that time Terry was approached by Ron Tucker who asked Terry to take over his company. Ron knew that he could trust Terry with his business and his customers. They then had two companies: Tires Unlimited and Truck And Ground Equipment Maintenance. After two years they decided that it would be more beneficial if they combined the two companies. In January 2009, they consolidated the two under one name Truck and Ground Equipment Maintenance, LLC and decided to keep the location at the Tires Unlimited site on Latta Street off of Amnicola Highway in Chattanooga TN, making them the first bucket truck repair facility in Chattanooga.

Terry and Jimmy’s backgrounds have helped with the success of the business. Terry’s ability to weld and build custom fabrications and Jimmy’s knowledge in the field of bucket truck repair and diesel mechanics have been indispensible. Both of these men pride themselves on the fact that they are family men and that Truck and Ground is a Family business. Terry and Jimmy both have some of the same loves in life God and his son, their wives and family, fishing, four wheeling, race cars, and camping and relaxing by the campfire.

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We use only the finest quality products and tires from national brands that are known for their value and reliability, such as...

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bosch international trucks



napa parts

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